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Privacy Policy

This section covers the information how ParinayaVedika.com handles the information collected from the members of this web site.

What information does the web site collect from us?
ParinayaVedika.com collects the information as provided in the registration pages and nothing more than that. Without explicitly stating ParinayaVedika.com doesn’t collect any information without the consent and knowledge of the user.

What does the website do with the information collected?
The information collected from the users is primarily for rendering services to the registered users. Registered users have options to provide public information and private information. Depending on the need, the information will be used by the web site for providing matrimonial services to the users.
Apart from the direct information submitted by the user as provided during registration, ParinayaVedika.com collects additional information like the IP Address from where the user is accessing the website, Browser that is used, Operating System from which it is being used etc. This information is gathered for all users and is used for providing better interface to the user.

With whom does ParinayaVedika.com share the information that it gathers?
ParinayaVedika.com does not Rent, Share, Trade, Sell or give away any of your personal information without explicitly expressing. Registration information is shared with other users to help users get better matches on the web site. Apart from utilizing the data for providing better services, the user information is not used for anything else. Importantly, this is used within the Website itself and not outside.

How can I contact ParinayaVedika.com for any more information on the Privacy Policy?
As and when there are updates to the Privacy Policy of ParinayaVedika.com, they will be updated on this page. For any further information, users can contact us directly using the ContactUs page on this web site.

ParinayaVedika.com may change this Privacy Policy from time to time based on the feedback provided or as a result of a change of policy in our organization.

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